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Track progress on your energy bill

Track progress on your energy bill

When you start implementing changes, you should track your progress and watch for monthly energy costs to go down. Monitor your bills to see how much energy you're using, and track month-over-month savings. For an overview of how it all works, download our energy cheat sheet.

Shop for a better energy supply rate

Shop for a better energy supply rate

After you've reduced your usage by making your business more efficient, take look at what you're paying. Are you getting the best price for your energy needs?

If you're in an area with an open energy market, you can choose an energy supplier that offers the right energy plan for your business. You can often get the best deal by choosing a fixed rate plan, which means you pay the same amount per unit of electricity or natural gas, even if the energy market spikes. Selecting the right plan can help you save money and give you the peace of mind that comes with budget certainty.

Direct Energy Business specializes in Fixed Rate Plans designed for the needs of small businesses. Check out our energy plans online. Switching energy suppliers doesn't disrupt your business and it only takes 5 minutes to sign up.

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