Implement a Smarter Energy Strategy with Direct Energy Business


The truth is, many of the factors that affect the price you pay for energy are beyond your control. That’s where our experience in delivering solutions for smart energy consumption and purchasing can make a difference for you and your bottom line.

Make Better Energy Buying Decisions

If you’re responsible for your company’s energy strategy, you know how difficult it is trying to get a grip on energy costs at all your locations. You probably feel like you’re at the mercy of the energy market’s volatility. Weather, government regulations and a host of other variables can affect wholesale energy prices—and play havoc with your budget. Our energy management services can help you:

  • Create a total energy strategy and plan.

  • Coordinate energy management among multiple facilities.

  • Improve budget management with supply- and demand-side measures.

  • Develop a customized electricity and natural gas procurement strategy according to current market conditions and your organization’s usage history.

  • Extract value from the wholesale market, even at today’s lows, and work with energy experts who can help find that value.

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