Implement a Smarter Energy Strategy with Direct Energy Business


The truth is, many of the factors that affect the price you pay for energy are beyond your control. That’s where our experience in delivering solutions for smart energy consumption and purchasing can make a difference for you and your bottom line.

Use Energy Smarter and Pay Less For It

Right now, energy use by manufacturers in the U.S. is down.1 That’s because smart manufacturers are finding ways to use less energy. It’s time to be sure that your business isn’t operating at a competitive disadvantage. Allow our team of industry experts to help you take advantage of the marketplace to reduce your energy costs. Explore our eGuide to learn the benefits of choosing an energy provider that will:

   •   Consider your energy needs, options and budget
   •   Constantly track the market on your behalf
   •   Create a customized and comprehensive strategy for both supply and demand

1., “Manufacturing Energy Consumption Data Show Large Reductions,” Retrieved May 2016

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