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Making decisions about energy can be challenging if you’re not familiar with the industry. How can you interpret your electricity bill or shop for natural gas when you don’t know the lingo? We’re here to help. Watch our Lightbulb Moments video series to learn energy terminology, then complete the form on this page to get your free Energy Cheat Sheet, a quick reference that illustrates how it all works together. With these tools, you’ll be armed as the energy expert for your business!

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What is energy deregulation?

In a deregulated market, you can compare energy rates, services and contract terms and choose the energy provider that’s best for your business.

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What is a kilowatt hour?

Energy consumption is measured in kilowatt hours, and you'll see this measurement on your energy bill.


What is a retail energy provider?

Retail energy providers give businesses like yours the opportunity to purchase flexible energy plans at prices that can help your bottom line.


What is distribution?

Energy moves from producers to consumers across millions of miles of the electrical grid, a process called distribution.


What is a utility?

Your utility company is the local organization that maintains power lines and pipelines and often serves as a default energy provider for your business.